Pending Legislation

Please note, if the agenda contains pending legislation items, they will be posted no later than 5 p.m. on the Friday before the Town Meeting. The agenda will be posted by the same day and time.
Resolution 1096-17 Restrictive Parking Amendments
Resolution 1095-17 Civilian Pension Plan Amendments
Resolution 1094-17 Sworn Police Officer Pension Plan Amendments
Resolution 1093-17 Harford County 2016 Growth Report
Resolution 1092-17 Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Amendment

Recently Approved Legislation

Resolution 1091-17 Issuance and Sale of a General Obligation Bond
Resolution 1090-17 Town Fee Schedule Amendments
Resolution 1089-17 Planning Commission 2016 Annual Report
Resolution 1088-17 Authorization of General Obligation Bond
Resolution 1087-17 Fiscal Year 2018 Final Budget
Resolution 1086-17 Fiscal Year 2018 Tentative Budget         
Resolution 1085-17 Fiscal Year 2018 Town Administrator's Proposed Budget
Ordinance 780-17 Amendments to the Town's Development Regulations - Exhibit A
Resolution 1084-17 Fiscal Year 2017 Mid Year Budget Amendment
Resolution 1083-17 Local Historic Property Designation for 122 W. Gordon Street 
Resolution 1082-17 Armory Marketplace Lease Rates
Ordinance 779-16 Amendments to Parking Meter and Leased Parking Town Code
Resolution 1081-16 Acceptance of the 2015 Harford County Annual Growth Report
Resolution 1080-16 Amendments to Restrictive Parking Zones  
Resolution 1079-16 withdrawn (number not utilized)
Resolution 1078-16 withdrawn (number not utilized)
Ordinance 778-16 Comprehensive Zoning Reclassification - Click HERE for more information.
Resolution 1077-16 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Goals and Objectives
Resolution 1076-16 Flood Mitigation Assistance Plan 2016 Update 
Resolution 1075-16 Endorsing a Main Street Improvement Project and Financing
Resolution 1074-16 Harford County Annual Growth Report
Resolution 1073-16 Budgetary Amendment Fiscal Year 2016
Resolution 1072-16 SARC Community Investment Tax Credit Program Application
Resolution 1071-16 Community Legacy Grant Armory Marketplace
Ordinance 777-16 Bel Air Town Code Chapter 450 Vehicles and Traffic Amendments
Resolution 1070-16 Town of Bel Air Fee Schedule Amendments
Resolution 1069-16 Town of Bel Air Comprehensive Plan 2016



Approved Legislation

Ordinance / Resolution Number
Resolution 1068-16
Resolution 1067-16
Resolution 1066-16
Resolution 1065-16
 Ordinance 776-16
Resolution 1064-16
Resolution 1063-16
Ordinance 774-15
Ordinance 773-15
Resolution 1062-15
Resolution 1061-15
Resolution 1060-15
Charter Resolution 125-15
Resolution 1059-15
Resolution 1058-15
Resolution 1057-15
 Ordinance 769-15
 Ordinance 770-15
 Ordinance 772-15
Resolution 1056-15
Resolution 1055-15
Resolution 1054-15
Resolution 1053-15
Resolution 1052-15
Ordinance 771-15
Resolution 1051-15
Resolution 1050-15
Resolution 1049-15
Resolution 1048-15
Resolution 1047-15
Resolution 1046-15
Resolution 1045-15
Resolution 1044-15
Resolution 1043-15
Resolution 1042-15
Final Budget Fiscal Year 2017
Planning Commission 2015 Annual Report
Tentative Budget Fiscal Year 2017
Town Administrator's Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2017
Amendments to Town Code Chapter 210 Floodplain Management
Wayfinding Plan
Amending the Budget for Fiscal Year 2016
Rezoning of 45 E. Gordon Street  - WITHDRAWN
Cultural Arts Commission Liaison Amendment
Amendments to Harford County Growth Report
Establishment of a Non-Pension Post-Employment Benefits Trust
Bel Air Flood Mitigation Plan Amendment
Annexation 925 Moore's Mill Road
Downtown Alliance Grant Application for Wayfinding/Kiosk
Downtown Alliance Grant application for Nonprofits Accreditation
Downtown Alliance Grant Application for Website
Plumbing and Gas Fitting Standards
National Electrical Code 2014
Chapter 145 Building Construction
Community Investment Tax Credit Application for Habitat for Humanity
Planning Commission 2014 Annual Report
Acceptance of Amended 2014 Harford County Annual Growth Report
Amending  Fines and Penalties for Violation of Parking Regulations
Community Legacy Sustainable Communities Grant and Financing
Sewer Service Rate
SARC - Community Investment Tax Credit App.
Boys & Girls Club - Community Investment Tax Credit App.
LASOS - Community Investment Tax Credit App.
Armory Fee Schedule
Town Fee Schedule  
Final Budget Fiscal Year 2016
Tentative Budget Fiscal Year 2016
Town Administrator's Budget Fiscal Year 2016
Budgetary Amendment Fiscal Year 2015
Rockfield Park Pet Memorial Grove                                      

Town Code

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