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Certified Wildlife Habitat
The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) sponsors a program which allows for homeowners to improve the wildlife environment in their home, yard or neighborhood.  This includes the provision of natural food, water, vegetative cover and nesting opportunities.  The NWF provides resources, examples and tips to create a habitat where wildlife will flourish and become a benefit to the homeowner and community.  If certification is obtained by a Bel Air resident or business owner, the Town will provide recognition on the official Town website and present a small plaque for display.  Please review the information provided below and go to the Certified Wildlife Habitat page (link provided above)  for additional information.  

Creating a Healthy Country Home
Creating a Healthy Apartment or Townhouse
Creating a Healthy Neighborhood 
Creating a Healthy Yard
Creating a Healthy Schoolyard

Rockfield Horticultural Gardens

The Town, local and surrounding area schools have teamed up to rehabilitate the horticultural gardens at the west end of Rockfield Park in Bel Air.  The gardens exhibit various ecosystems and plant types including a Grass Garden, Shade Garden, Evergreen Garden, Xeriscape Garden, Edible Garden and a Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden.  

A Gazebo Garden serves as a setting for public art by the Harford Master Gardeners and the Lions Club have maintained the Grove for the Senses to add to the gardens developed by the students.    In the coming years,sculpture will be added to the garden to provide public art to Rockfield Park.  It is hoped that sculptures will populate all the gardens to further enhance the visitor’s experience.

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