Bay Restoration Fee

The Bay Restoration Fund became effective in 2004 and is a billion-dollar program to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and other Maryland waterways. It is a dedicated fund that will be used to upgrade Maryland’s wastewater treatment plants and septic systems, thereby improving the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.

During the 2012 legislative session, House Bill 446 doubled the bay restoration fee for most users served by wastewater treatment plants and those on on-site sewage disposal (septic) systems to $5 per month per household/EDU. Since the Town bills residences quarterly, a charge of $15 will appear on your sewer bill. Commercial and non-residential users, such as apartments and condominiums, will be charged $5 per month per “equivalent dwelling unit” (EDU) based on water usage. The town is required to remit all monies collected to the Comptroller’s Office of Maryland on a quarterly basis. More information on the Bay Restoration Fund is available on the Maryland Department of the Environment’s website.

Program Exemption for Financial Hardship

As required by House Bill 446, the town has established a program to exempt certain "residential" dwellings from paying the bay restoration fee that demonstrate substantial financial hardship. view and print the policy and the Exemption Request Form.

Please contact the AR Accountant, Elizabeth Wagner, for additional information.