Smart Card Meter Program

Electronic Parking Meters

The town has installed new electronic parking meters on the Bond/Thomas parking lot and along Main Street and will continue to replace the rest of the meters in town beginning with the parking garage. The meters along Main Street have a 15-minute free feature that enables a customer to dash into a store for a quick pick-up or delivery. To enable the feature, press the button on the meter to indicate which side your vehicle is parked on.

Meter Smartcards

The new meters accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and the new one-dollar coins, as well as pre-paid parking Smartcards. Smartcards are available at the Finance Department in Town Hall for a one-time fee of $4 in addition to the amount of money you want to put on the card in any increments up to $100. Once you have inserted the Smartcard in the meter and have indicated how long you intend to be parked, the amount of the parking fee is deducted from the card.

If you are not parked as long as you expected, then you can re-insert the Smartcard to have a portion of the fee re-credited to the card. When you want to add money to your card, you will need to bring the card back to Finance.