Bagged Leaves & Grass Collection

Leaves and grass clippings are recycled and, therefore, not collected with regular trash.  The  Department of Public Works collects them separately and delivers them to the compost facility at the Scarboro Landfill.  To determine your day for yard waste pickup please see the Collection Schedule.

Please consider

Grass Recycling -
 "Leaving it on the Lawn" vs. Bagged Grass Clippings


Why You Should "Leave it On the Lawn"

  • It benefits the environment
  • It improves your lawn.
  • It saves time.
  • It saves landfill space

How to Leave It On the Lawn

Allow your grass to grow to three inches and then cut no more than one inch off the top. This is the “one-third” rule. This helps develop a deeper root system which is a natural defense against weeds, disease and drought. During fast growing periods you may have to cut the grass every four to seven days.

If You Must Bag Your Grass: Requirements for Pick-Up

  • The town will only pick up grass that is bagged. Please refrain from sweeping grass into the street - it clogs up both the storm sewer system and our street sweeper.
  • Bagged grass and leaves are collected only in the designated sections as shown on the Collection Schedule.
  • This service is offered year round. However, due to minimal demand, please call in for pick-up in January, February and March. Place bagged leaves and grass clippings at curbside, away from your regular trash or recyclables.
  •  All loose yard waste should be placed in Paper Bags or Loose in Cans. Yard waste will NO longer be accepted in Plastic Bags. 
  • Pick-up services does not include debris generated by "hired" contractors.
  • Brush pick-up is initiated by calling 410-638-4545