Comprehensive Planning

Bel Air & Harford County Bicycle Network Study


The Town of Bel Air partnered with Harford County to work with students from the University of Maryland through PALS (Parntership for Action Learning in Sustainability) to conduct a study of the bicycle network in and around Bel Air.  This study addressed connections, reviewed specific roadways, studied graphics, investigated existing conditions and applied authoritative standards to cycling routes designated by the Town and County.  This analysis will be used as the Town moves forward with implementation of proposed Bicycle routes.

Go to this link to view the study.

Development Regulations Amendments

The Town Planning Commission approved recommended updates to the Development Regulations at its February 1st Meeting.  It is anticipated the Board of Town Commissioners will introduce these changes on February 20, 2018 and a public hearing will be held on March 5, 2018.  To review the amendments by section, click on any link below:

Development Regulation Revisions 2018
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      Click here to view the entire Town zoning map.        Click here for a quick reference for zoning definitions.

Sustainable Bel Air  2013 - 2018

As a continuation of Strategic Plans produced in the past to address needed capital improvements and desired programs, the Sustainable Bel Air Plan sets a groundwork and provides for a menu of goals to bring the Town closer to a more environmentally friendly and resource independent municipality.  Social, Environmental and Economic initiatives are examined and assigned priorities for the duration of the study period.

Bel Air Flood Mitigation Plan  2018

An assessment of the flood hazards in the Town using historical data and engineering analysis.  This report provides for goals and objectives for reducing the flooding risk and associated property damage.  It is particularly targeted to the special flood hazard areas in Bel Air that pose the greatest threat of flooding.

Annual Report  2017

report by the Bel Air Planning Commission providing information related to the development that occurred during the year and changes to the zoning and regulations of the Town.  This report is a requirement of the State of Maryland to assess the progress towards the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

Bel Air Tree Plan  2017

An annual report that builds upon existing studies of tree canopy and conditions in the Town right-of-way and Town parks and establishes priorities for replacement and enhancement of street trees and forest areas.  It also creates projects for the year to be accomplished using forest conservation funds from area development and from grant monies.

Market Study 2016

Bel Air is known for its high quality of life, good schools, and for being the center of Harford County government.  The Market Study


revealed that there is a tremendous opportunity to build on the strengths of the community and elevate the Town into a vibrant arts and entertainment destination, while maintaining the Town's character and attractive qualities, including single-family homes and green space.  Bel Air's downtown is well-positioned to be the epicenter of this transformation consisting of new restaurants, boutique destination retail establishments, entertainment venues, and upscale housing units.


Wayfinding in Bel Air 2016

The Town of Bel Air has completed a Wayfinding Plan designed to make it easier for residents and visitors to better find their way around town and the many amenities that the Town has to offer.   To view the new Wayfinding Report, just click this link.

Comprehensive Plan  2016 

The Bel Air Comprehensive Plan is a broad view of land use and public services.  It adopts goals and objectives needed to guide the day to day decisions concerning development, financing, public improvements and regulatory needs.  This plan provides the public with information needed to understand where social, economic and environmental policy is headed.  The Comprehensive Plan can be viewed by through this link, emailing or calling 410-638-4540.

SHA Pedestrian Safety Study  2014

This study is a review of the downtown area specifically related to accommodations for handicapped access, pedestrian conflicts with vehicle traffic, traffic calming and vehicle volume and speeds.  Specific recommendations are made for implementation by SHA

Source Water Protection Plan  2014

An assessment of the existing potable water sources in the Town of Bel Air by Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).  This report reviews the Maryland American Water Company water system wells and Winters Run surface water sources.  It makes recommendations for changes to regulations and policies along with future development restrictions.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan  2013

Cycling, Walking and Transit needs are examined in this ten year plan.  Strategies for acquisition of easements, construction of trails, connection of sidewalks, provision of transit amenities, installation of bicycle facilities and coordination with County initiatives are examined.  Please select the Bike/Ped Plan to view details of the study.

Plumtree Run Watershed Action Plan 2011

An assessment by Harford County on Plumtree Run and its tributaries.  This study reviews the impact of uncontrolled storm water runoff from the Town into the stream and provides mitigation recommendations from Plumtree Park to Atkisson Reservoir in the County.

Bel Air Parking Plan 2010

This strategic plan established a goal to enhance the local business climate and evaluate and manage current and future parking needs.  It is a result of the need to implement some of the objectives of the previous Town Center Parking Study.  It is a formal work plan to implement identified solutions, establish responsibility and institute timing for implementation.


Bel Air Commercial Market Study  2009

A report for the Town on the existing commercial environment and the potential development opportunities.  This plan assists the Town in establishing economic development and revitalization strategies along with preserving the existing character of Bel Air.

Bel Air Downtown Design Guidelines  2009

In order to shepherd the orderly development of the downtown area, the Bel Air Downtown Alliance created a Design Committee and produced Design Guidelines.  These recommendations help provide a pattern language and keep development in harmony with the historic precedent set forth over the past century.

MD Route 24 & Bus US 1 Traffic Analysis 2008

plan to provide the Town with data prior to the 2009 Comprehensive Plan on the existing traffic conditions and projected future traffic capacity of the busiest intersection in the Town.  It also reviews strategies to attenuate the impacts of growth in the area and associated traffic increases.

Town Center Parking Study  2007

This study is an assessment of the supply and demand for parking in the downtown area.  It provides data on existing parking (public & private), utilization of parking, future projects, recommended locations for parking and limited design alternatives for structural parking.

Rockfield Manor Master Plan 2007

The foundation tasked with caretaking of the Rockfield Manor house and grounds established a Master Plan for the preservation of the character and significance of the iconic structure and setting.  

Route 1 Corridor Economic Revitalization Strategy  2005

The Route 1 Corridor Study Area (Corridor/Project Study Area) along historic Route 1 in the Town of Bel Air (Town) is a major gateway to Bel Air's Main Street and transportation connector in the Town of Bel Air.  Route 1 in Bel Air is a regional commercial hub and is dominated by retail uses in freestanding buildings with newer strip shopping centers and a regional shopping mall.  The Town of Bel Air Route 1 Economic Revitalization Strategy is available for review.

Bel Air Pedestrian Traffic Study  2000

An Action Plan that addresses the needs of pedestrian improvements by establishing a sidewalk inspection program, an easement acquisition objective, landscape goals and an education program for pedestrians and motorists.