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Residential / Commercial Property Security Survey

  1. Security Surveys

    A residential / commercial security survey offers the opportunity for law enforcement to assist in locating security weaknesses and identifying practical ways to correct them. The Bel Air Police Department offers these services to residents / business owners, of the Town of Bel Air, free of charge.

    The survey will include an exterior and interior security check of the residence / business. A security check list will be completed and a copy of the list will be given to the resident, owner / tenant upon completion. This list will have generic recommendations for increasing security to your location.

    After completion of the basic survey, a Security Survey Summary will be compiled and presented to the resident / tenant in 3 to 5 business days. This completed survey will include photographs taken during the survey, a detailed description of the recommended security changes and an overall summary.

    All recommendations made should be considered a guide to increasing the security of your home / business. The owner of the property is responsible to make all upgrades as they deem necessary.

    Surveys are designed to remove opportunity for crime to occur. Whereas these recommendations will help, they alone can and will not stop crime from occurring. It is however a step that can help deter crime.

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