Information regarding the Town of Bel Air Elections may be found in the Town Code Chapter 37: Elections § 37-6 General elections

Information regarding the qualifications to be a Town Commissioner may be found in the Town Charter, Article III. The Board of Commissioners, Section 302. Qualifications of Commissioners.

 Please refer to the corresponding web pages for election results and information for past and upcoming Town elections. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Michael Krantz

Director of Administration/Town Clerk



The following guidelines are to be adhered to when placing election signs:

  • All signs must be confined within PRIVATE property and shall be twenty-five (25) feet from the nearest intersection of any street or road.
  • Temporary signs in residential districts not exceeding six (6) square feet may be placed on private property only. 
  • Temporary signs in the RO and B1 districts not exceeding twelve (12) square feet and not exceeding six feet in height and ten feet from right-of-way may be placed a total of sixty (60) days in a calendar year with a permit.
  • Temporary signs not exceeding eight (8) square feet may be placed in a business zone and shall be twenty-five (25) feet from an intersection.
  • Temporary signs in a B2/B2A district not exceeding a total of 24 square feet may be placed for a total of sixty (60) days per calendar year with a permit and shall be not less than ten (10) feet from the right-of-way or property line.
  • Temporary signs in a B3/B3A/M1 district not exceeding thirty-six (36) square feet may be placed for a total of sixty (60) days per calendar year with a permit and shall be not less than ten (10) feet from the right-of-way or property line.
  • Signs are PROHIBITED on municipal, county or state right-of-way or municipal property.  The Town will remove any signs on public rights-of-way or property without notice.
  • Signs mounted on vehicles cannot be parked for an extended period of time on any property which does not have a relationship to the candidate (home or headquarters).
  • Signs for a candidate’s campaign headquarters must follow the requirements of the underlying zoning district.
  • When placing a sign on private property (commercial or residential), the property owner’s permission is required.
  • If there are problems with any temporary signs, the Town will notify the property owner of the violation, not the candidate.
  • Signs in the right-of-way or on government property will be removed without notice.

Chapter 165. Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations
Part 3. Signs
Article XV. Sign Regulations

Ordinance 812-23 - An Ordinance Amending Articles XV & XVI of the Development Regulations in Chapter 165 of the Bel Air Town Code - Exhibit A


Follow these basic guidelines:

  • Avoid campaigning on private property.
  • Avoid campaigning inside local events (farmers markets, crafts shows, etc.).
  • Seek permission from property owners or event organizers, in advance, to avoid conflicts.
  • If in doubt, stay on the public sidewalk, which is a traditional public forum for free speech/leafleting.
  • Door-to-door political canvassing is allowed without a permit or license.
  • Avoid individual properties with no trespassing signs.
  • Leave if you are not welcome.

You may contact the Town of Bel Air, Department of Administration, if you have questions at 410-638-4550.

Harford County Board of Elections

133 Industry Lane

Forest Hill, MD 21050

(410) 638-3565


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