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Armory Rental Application

  1. Bel Air Armory Rental Application

    Please contact the Armory manager to discuss date availability before completing this form. Julia Potler or 410-638-4506.

    Rental minimum Mon-Wed is 3 hours. Rental minimum Thurs-Sun is 6 hours. Your rental window should include from the time you enter the building/ set up, the actual event, until the time you have cleaned up/exited the building.

  2. This is the time you will be able to enter the building. We have tables and chairs available for use; however, it is up to the client renting the facility to set up and clean up prior to and after the event. Please allow at least 1 hour to set up prior to your event.
  3. This is the time you will exit the building once finished cleaning up. Please allow at least 1 hour to clean up following your event end time.
  4. If you'd like to rent the Armory for more than one day, please use this space to note details or any additional time you'd like to request.
  5. Type of Organization:*
  6. Do you plan to provide alcohol?*
  7. Is this a ticketed event?*
  8. Serving any type of alcohol may require a liquor license. Contact the Harford County Liquor Board at 410-638-3028 with any questions. If the event is approved, you will be required to submit appropriate licenses to the Armory Manager.
  9. Do you plan to serve food?*
  10. Please note: Only PRIVATE/Invitation Only events may provide food that has been made "at home." Any PUBLIC events may only involve non-perishable, pre-wrapped food, such as chips, bagged snacks, bottled water, canned sodas, and similar, or the food must be provided by a licensed caterer. A food permit from the Harford County Health Department may be required if food/refreshments are served in conjunction with the event (Public Events Only). Please contact the Health Department at 410-877-2305 with any questions. If the event is approved, you will be required to submit a catering license to the Armory Manager.
  11. Will any type of sound amplifying equipment or devices be used in conjunction with this activity? Depending on what is needed, the Armory manager may be able to provide a basic sound system. Please be sure to discuss your needs well ahead of your event.*
  12. Will any signs, banners, or flyers be hung or posted outside of the Armory? Appropriate permitting will be necessary.*
  13. Do you plan to provide musical entertainment (i.e. band, singer, etc.) or other entertainment?*
  14. Would you like your PUBLIC event advertised on the Bel Air Armory Facebook page as well as on the Town Website/Calendar?
  15. For more information: Call 410-638-4506 or email
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